Monika Ramizi’s handmade knitwear established in 2013, is a blending of classic style with modern shape and comfort creating casual yet chic knitwear for almost any occasion.

Inspired by childhood memories and Albanian grandmothers, the Ramizi collections are unique in appeal as well as their history.


She learned the art of knitting at an early age from her grandmothers in Europe. It is in her blood to appreciate craftsmanship and an eye for quality.

Her designs are handmade for the best quality yarn including cashmere, the finest wool, and 100% American grown cotton.


Every piece has a story. Inspired by women she meets and works with at Mario Russo. From a family of tailors, with the eye of stylist, her craftsmanship reflects old world Europe, Monika has dedication and works hard and designs everything by hand. Each piece rare, timeless, and beautiful.